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Safe cutting in the workplace
Plastic and film
Graphical work
Slice Manual Pen Cutter
Slice Auto-Retractable Utility Knife
Klever Klever Kutter Orange
Safety scissors
Get a perfect cut with our stainless steel safety scissors. Find all our scissors in the list of applications. 
Unique ceramic range
Slice ceramic safety blades last 11x longer than steel blades.
Slice 10546
Ceramic Scissors (pointed tip)
Our ceramic safety scissors cut materials effectively, but they resist cutting skin.
Slice safety blades are made of a high-quality advanced ceramic and are finger-friendly.
Plastic Clip-On Swivel Safety Holster for S7
Find all our accessories under 'others' in the application list.
Quality brands
About us
About Knifeline
Small family business specialized in different types of safety knives, safety scissors, unique ceramic safety cutters and so much more!
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"Safe cutting" and "worker safety" are Knifeline's top priorities. That is why we distribute high-quality safety cutting tools like safety cutters, safety scissors and unique ceramic safety knives to avoid cutting injuries in the workplace. In this way, Knifeline keeps your workers safe and productive and helps you to avoid unnecessary medical costs.

One of our key services is to visit your company or workplace to discuss, together with your staff who work with cutting tools on a daily basis, the current cutting problems. This allows us to offer efficient solutions and expert advice.

Perhaps you are experiencing an enourmous cutting problem in a specific area and you can't find a proper solution? Together with a specialized designer, Knifeline creates your own cutting tools to achieve your safety goals in a safe and fast way.

We also regularly provide safety trainings and demonstrations to create a safer work environment. We do this online or in the workplace itself. 

Delivery from stock within 48 hours
Knifeline has a great number of products in stock. This allows us to deliver orders within 48 hours. All technical inquiries and advice will be taken care of the same day.
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In addition to our fast service and delivery, we also provide advice in the workplace without any obligations. Together with you and your team, we examine in detail the industrial application and the right cutting solution. We offer brand independent advice and solutions based on 25 years of experience.
Discover the KS-101SS
Our newest safety cutter, specially designed for the food industry.
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Our newest safety cutter, specially designed for the food industry.
  • NSF certified
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Metal detectable
  • Highest safety level because of the enclosed blade
  • Easy to clean

Contact us for more information, advice or a demo.
Replacement blades
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